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About Us
Bhagyam is an independent full service market research company situated at the financial capital of India. Bhagyam conducts market research fieldworks at Asia Pacific & GCC countries.
What We Do
Bhagyam specializes in qualitative, quantitative and online assignments. We assist Clients by solving their business and research problems by acting as a one stop solutions from recruiting focus groups, depth interviews and panels for researchers to summary report writing.

Bhagyam serves and works with various market research Clients, consulting companies within industry verticals .

Qualitative market research Quantitative market research Online market research
In-depth interviews Face to face interviews Consumer/B2B/ Healthcare surveys
Gang surveys CATI (Computer aided telephonic interviews) CAWI (Computer aided web interviews)
Focus group discussion Mystery shopping Web Enabled Focus Groups 
Paired/Triad/Mini Group discussion Retail audits Accompanied Surfing Interviews 
Our Approach

Established in India in 2011, Bhagyam's founders were part of large MNC's at Asia and have acquired a solid track record as market research and consultancy specialists in healthcare, technology and retails. As market research fieldwork company and consultancy specialists our aim is to ensure our client's accrue real insights equating to key decision-making through dynamics

We as fieldwork buddies:

  • Successfully handle each project in same manner as it's our own baby

  • Depending on the project requirements; We build the strategy to field the project

  • Maintain a highly confidentiality on the subject, respondent details, responses shared by the respondents and the project

  • We have the ability to gel and work with client's existing agencies and advisors.

  • We also provide recommendations and allow the client to take over implementations as it fits them. Alternatively we can stay involved to help co-ordinate, supervise or review implementations at midst of the project.

Ideations, Insights & Opportunities
  • We strategies fieldwork of each project to share the learning's, ideas, insights and the to be opportunities with the Client
  • We can offer suggestions, recommendations, advice and provide solutions on how best to meet your research needs using the most appropriate methodologies, strategy, sample sizes, quotas and locations.
  • Bhagyam provides strict and high-quality research across industry sectors. As experienced research fieldwork practitioners, we conduct research ourselves and have close working relationship ties with on street, in home, online, focus group and telephone research agencies.

We're able to work on any size project, depending on requirements and budget available:
  • Consumer profiling
  • Attitudinal studies
  • Advertising tracking
  • Catchment area definition and analysis
  • Quantifying markets and market shares
eBrochure and Presentations
Bhagyam Market Research Credentials
Bhagyam Healthcare Market Research Credential
Contact Us
If you have any opportunity or queries or just want a chat, contact us at info@bhagyam-marketresearch.com or give us a ring on +91 22 42153144, +91 7498 498 577