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Computer aided telephonic interviews - CATI


Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) is an interactive front-end computer system that aids interviewers to ask questions over the telephone and Bhagyam is specialized in carrying out CATI Service at Asia Pacific & GCC Countries.


Bhagyam has trained the CATI agents to perform multiple tasks of interviewing, data entry and simple coding simultaneously. The interviewers key the information directly into the computer system. As a result, data entry as a separate process is no longer necessary. Most of the questions are in multiple-choice format, so that the CATI interviewer needs only to point and click on the right answer. The responses are then translated directly into a code by the CATI system and updated in the database.


Bhagyam concentrates on automatically controlling questionnaire branching, conducting on- line editing for reconciliation directly with respondent, scheduling future calls and capturing a variety of management information about the interview.


Bhagyam adapts less missing data in CATI because it prevents routing errors, especially in complex questionnaires. In addition, experiences show that more errors found with paper-and-pen methods than with CATI .


Why Bhagyam for CATI -

  • Our CATI call center is based in the financial capital of India - Mumbai and it works with all modern technologies backed up by IT professionals viz. predictive, automatic dialing, remote barge in and call recording (on site). We are equipped to handle inbound, out bound & IVR based assignments.

  • Along with Market research services, Bhagyam is capable of handling multiple process viz., Customer Service, Lead Generation, Verification, Collections, Sales, Back-end Process and Online/offline Transcriptions.

  • Bhagyam is capable of functioning round the clock with 24 hours power backup facility.

  • Bhagyam multi-lingual center is capable of collecting data and providing in bond and out bond services for US, Europe, Asia Pacific and GCC countries

  • For high voice clarity Bhagyam uses IPLC, VOIP and ISDN telephone lines on demand.

  • Bhagyam has well experienced management staff, which provides rigorous project specification training to our team on all related aspects before absorbed in any project. This enables us to fulfill client expectations

  • All the interviews / calls are monitored and digitally recorded for quality and audit purposes. The clients can make use of our remote barge in facility (on site) to listen to live interviews as well as recording on-demand.

  • All the client data are stored on our central server which is backed up every 24 hours for data security purpose.

Quality Control Procedures :

We at Bhagyam fully train all the interviewers, supervisors, project managers, quality team and adhere to the standards set by MRQSA and the MRS code of conduct. We further brief the interviewers on various topics including the importance of accurate and ethical interviewing, special care to be taken when interviewing children, OAPs, quality control procedures, interviewer manner, cultural preferences, types of questions (including prompting and probing), etc.


We closely monitor the data collection aspect through CATI for both voice and data quality by separate specialized team. To a minimum of twenty percent of all completed interviews are monitored by our internal quality assurance team in different formats such as Voice Checks, Back Checks, Real Time Checks and Data Validation Checks. Recordings are provided to the clients on request.


Our quality parameters include voice check that covers checking critical errors such as leading, biasing, skipping, adherence to the text etc. and non critical errors such as probing, soft skills etc. Back check covers checking the screeners and quality of the interview with the respondent. In data quality parameters, the details of the data-verification of pattern, branching, output format, accuracy of data, cleaning of the data as per the specifications, etc. are thoroughly checked.

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