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Computer aided web interviews - CAWI


Computer Assisted Web Interviewing (CAWI) is another interactive front-end computer online system that aids interviewers to ask questions over the telephone and Bhagyam is specialized in carrying out CAWI Service at Asia Pacific & GCC Countries.


CAWI studies helps us in various factors and attributes such as -


  • Time and cost effective
  • Comfort for respondents Ė fast filling
  • Thought through response from respondents
  • Data and reports available online
  • Provides  data protected system
  • Provides support for questions and logical construction of the questionnaire including switching in accordance with respondentís answers
  • Avoiding positioning effects by standardized rotation and randomization of items
  • Technically automatic control
  • Possibility to integrate picture, logos and demonstrate audio/video material.


This empowers Bhagyam in solving below tasks-

  • Consumerís habits and preferences
  • Testing of advertising materials
  • Customers satisfaction
  • Website testing
  • Brand Image


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