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Healthcare Research


The health care, world is highly complex. We at Bhagyam adapt new health care reforms, quality measurement, and requirements for numerous stakeholder groups.


New questions arise constantly that need to be answered with much clarity, more depth and greater insight.  HealthCare Research is now nationally recognized for helping organizations to chart new courses with greater accuracy, efficiency, confidence and agility.

Bhagyam focus on understanding the needs, expectations and desires of people in order to maximize desired outcomes. Bhagyam accomplish this through the analysis and synthesis of multiple types of data, including quantitative surveys, in-depth interviewing and secondary data analysis.


Bhagyam conducts both qualitative and quantitative for Healthcare Research client:

          Patients attitude and behaviors

          Interaction between patient and healthcare professionals

          Impact on patient condition

          Difference between patient and healthcare professional attitude to the condition

          Segmentation of patient based on their attitude and motivation

          Patients willingness to pay for an improved treatment

          Percentage of satisfied and unsatisfied patient with improved treatment

          How can patient compliance be improved

          What all information should be provided on patient website

          What would prompt patients to seek improved treatments.


Bhagyam has conducted many researches including the following therapy areas:


Rheumatoid arthritis











Erectile Dysfunction

Genital herpes




Travel medicine



In Healthcare Research, Bhagyam provides his clients with customer insights to support effective decision-making based on expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research approach.

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