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Project Management


Bhagyam has a discipline way of planning, organizing and managing resources to achieve specific target goal. Bhagyam adopts distinct technical skills and management strategies.


The management team of Bhagyam overcomes the challenge to achieve all the target goals and pre -defined objectives such as time and budget.  Secondly and more ambitious challenge is to optimize the allocation and integrate the inputs necessary to meet pre-defined objectives and Bhagyam Management team is capable of achieving this goal.


Bhagyam adapts number of approaches to managing project activities including agile, interactive, incremental, and phased approaches.

Regardless of the methodology employed, Bhagyam provides careful consideration to the overall project objectives, timeline, and cost, as well as the roles and responsibilities of all participants.


Bhagyam Management team approach is as under:

  •     Project Initiation

  •     Project Planning and Design

  •     Project Execution

  •     Monitoring and Controlling Systems

  •     Project Completion

 Recruitments and Data collection

Bhagyam involves a field force that operates either in the field, as in the case of personal interviewing or from an office by telephone or CATI or through mail.  We properly select our field force and educate them to carry out proper supervision which helps minimize data-collection errors.


Data Preparation and Analysis

Bhagyam has got a well experienced team for Data preparation including editing, coding, transcription, and verification of data. Each questionnaire or observation form is inspected, or edited, and, if necessary, corrected. Number or letter codes are assigned to represent each response to each question in the questionnaire. The data from the questionnaires are transcribed or key-punched directly into the computer. Verification team ensures that the data from the original questionnaires have been accurately transcribed and data analysis, guided by the plan of data analysis, gives meaning to the data that have been collected. Bhagyam multivariate techniques are used for analyzing data when there are two or more measurements on each element and the variables are analyzed simultaneously.


Report Preparation and Presentation

The task reworded to Bhagyam is documented in a written report which addresses the specific research questions identified, describes the approach, the research design, data collection, data analysis procedures adopted, present the results and also the major findings. The findings are presented in a comprehensible format so that they are readily used in the decision making. In addition to, oral presentations we also provide report using tables, figures, and graphs to enhance more clarity and impact.


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