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Qualitative Research


Bhagyam conducts qualitative research using modern technologies.


         Focused Groups to bring together different perspectives in a single meeting.

         Projective techniques including personification, laddering, brand rooms.

         Identify customer motivation and communication needs

         Identify unmet clinical needs

         Brand profiling to identify customer relationship with the brands they use

         Ethnographic research including virtual ethnography using video diaries

         Inspirational profiling to understand what is important to customer in terms of personal self-image.

Depth Interviews
These interviews are conducted one-on-one, which may last from 60 min 90 min. Bhagyam adapts the best method of probing as to uncover the hidden issues. At Bhagyam very skilled interviewers/moderators are used, so as to avoid time consuming and avoid responses which are difficult to interpret. Our moderators adapt a technique in which they concentrate on personal concerns and pet peeves. Bhagyam also use symbolic analysis, a technique used in which deeper symbolic meanings are probed by asking questions about their opposites. With the use of technology Bhagyam conducts video conference DIs.

Paired depth interview

Bhagyam describes this as two participants at once - who may know each other or may be recruited as strangers. If known to each other, they are sometimes referred to as a friendship pairs. This is used especially for children or young respondents, who gain security from the presence of a friend. Another common application in research concerning decisions is made jointly by couples - such as buying a House or choosing a holiday or for interviews with mothers and children. If not known to each other, participants may be recruited as having similar behavior and interests, or as a conflict pair. Bhagyam designs this as a drama for loyal users of two different brands.

Focus Group Discussions
This way enables Bhagyam to collect required information on faster track.
The interactive group discussion led by Bhagyam trained moderators who encourages the free flow of Ideas. Usually there are 8-10 members in the discussion who fit the profile of the target group which lasts for 1-2 hours.
These discussions are usually recorded on video/DVD or may be streamed via a closed streaming service for remote viewing of the proceedings. The room usually has a large window with one-way glass. Participants cannot see out but researchers can see in. Bhagyam also use computer and internet technology for on-line focus groups.

Bhagyam provides facility of Online Group discussion to its clients.

Mini-group discussion

Bhagyam organizes a group discussion involving fewer participants than usual; it may refer to a group that is shorter in duration than normal, though groups rarely last less than one hour. A group of four participants, sometime referred as a 'quad'.

Bhagyam adapts this form of depth interview involving three participants, who may or may not know each other. As is the case for paired depths, triad participants may be recruited to form a homogenous group, and also help to set up a degree of conflict where each respondent takes a particular view on an issue, or may be using a quite different brand of the same product.

 Accompanied Surfs / Usability Testing
Bhagyam conducts such studies by recruit respondents based on the requirement of the study. We set up cameras to film the respondent as they are surfing the web. An experienced researcher oversees the surf and understands the product test. The respondent has a number of tasks to accomplish and websites to navigate. While they are online they are interviewed, and asked to convey their feelings and thoughts of user friendly approach of the product.

Gang surveys
Bhagyam defines this as a group of youth based on a nationally representative sample of law enforcement agencies serving urban and rural area of countries This Web resource from Bhagyam contains analysis and findings from the ongoing National Youth Gang Surveys. Numerous charts and descriptions are provided as a resource for understanding gang problems.

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