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Quantitative Research


Bhagyam measures quantitative research market by quantifying measurement with data. Normally the data required relates to market size, market share, penetration and market growth rates.

With Quantitative research Bhagyam, measure customer awareness, perceptions, attitudes to different products & manufacturer. These help us to understand overall customer behavior in a market by taking statistical customer sampling.


Bhagyam provides all the powerful techniques combined with segmentation analysis, which helps one for targeting audience and can monitor over time to ensure the optimal use of the marketing budget.


At Bhagyam, Quantitative research is the statistical sample and involves the collection of data to obtain insight and knowledge into the needs, wants of customers, the structure and dynamics of a market. In nearly all cases, it would be very costly and time-consuming to collect data from the entire population of a market. Hence we make extensive use of sampling through careful design and analysis.


In Quantitative research Bhagyam offers –

·         Patient diary studies – quantifying current and future prescribing behavior

·         Brand mapping – identifying key brand perceptions on the perceptual map

·         Awareness and usage tracking – cost effective online evaluation of prescribing and brand perceptions

·         Detail Follow Up research – to identify how best to improve communication

·         Market segmentation – using cluster analysis and AID to identify customer segments

·         Conjoint analysis – identifying key clinical prescribing drivers

·         Pricing research – using different types of approach to identify the impact of price on volume prescribing


Face to Face interview

Bhagyam uses this method for any topic and based on a direct meeting between interviewer and the respondent. We believe by personal communication it is possible not only to obtain much information, but also to using visual materials viz. cards, pictures, packages, logo, etc to encourage proper responses. Through Face to Face interview Bhagyam ensures that it does not bore a respondent and also ensure full and accurate data. The choice of optinal interviewing methods depends on research objective and is agreed upon with each client.


Accompanied shopping / observations 

Bhagyam researcher accompanies a respondent on a given activity, observing and questioning the respondent’s behavior as they proceed and ensures the perfect objectives of the study.


Intercept interviews

Bhagyam adopts a methodology in which interviewers are encouraged to approach people in a public place such as a shopping mall, street, sports event, or similar - whatever is best for the research objectives.  These interviews are ideal for cost-effectively targeting selected type of people. Bhagyam also ensure these interviews are short, as respondents are usually en-route elsewhere.


Business to Business interviews

At this type of studies, Bhagyam adapts measures for interviewing senior and very busy businesspeople, as the respondents can discuss commercially sensitive information at their most convenient times and places. Bhagyam also provides the level of respect respondent may be accustomed to.


Consumer Surveys

  • We fulfill the client requirement - target audience, which includes- age, gender, income, marital status, educational level and leisure activities

  • Bhagyam covers, decisions made by people for certain purchase i.e., When and where people shop.

  • Bhagyam provides lead to the client for their products and services

  • Bhagyam leads to the untapped market for client  products and services

  • Bhagyam provides current awareness of clients brand versus their competitors

  • Understand - People buying habits


As consumer marketing, is predominantly about the emotional responses of the target group. Bhagyam understands because the consumer makes his decisions through emotional impulses and not rationally and Bhagyam gathers these information.


Mystery shopping 

Bhagyam uses this tool to measure quality of retail service and gather specific information about products and services. Mystery Shopping is done by Bhagyam’s trained shopper, who is unknown to the establishment. This Mystery Shoppers perform specific tasks—such as purchasing a product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way and then provide detailed reports about their experiences


Retail audits

Bhagyam provides these audits by physical inspection of the plant operations and an assessment of the documented programs that support the safety aspects of the operation. This program is designed to allow Retail establishment professionals to evaluate all important safety risks within their operations. Bhagyam gauges where improvements are needed or have been realized from previous audit scores. This is the method by which Bhagyam regularly check samples of retailer for unit sales and stock levels of different brands.  

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